13 Lies They Told You About Sales

A Lesson in Sales Psychology

Sales is a dirty word. It has many negative connotations both in the real and fictional world. But sales doesn’t have to be icky, sleazy or just plain annoying. In this foundational lesson on sales psychology we uncover what sales is really all about and how you can create a sales process that is authentic to you. Your negative view on selling may be holding you back from achieving the success you desire.

In this lesson, we’ll look at:

  • The difference between sales and marketing and why crossing the line can cost you the sale
  • How to take the “ick” factor out of sales so you are not manipulating the customer into buying
  • Why even great products don’t sell themselves
  • Why professional selling is not a natural talent and how it can be learned
  • The difference between professional and amateur sales
  • Why introverts are better at sales
  • How to make closing easy
  • Why referrals can be a predictable stream of leads
  • Why customers really buy
  • How emotions partake in sales decisions
  • How to make sales easy without being icky, sleazy, or just plain annoying
  • Quiz & Certificate of Completion: Test your knowledge and get a Certificate of Completion in Sales Foundations

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