Masterclass: Qualifying Questions

Ask the questions that get the sale

Because people make decisions first emotionally and back them up with logic, when you set an appointment to make a presentation is crucial. Qualifying is asking your customer a specific set of questions to make sure it is the right time to give a presentation. If you do not get the appropriate answers to these questions, you can not make a sale.

In this course, you will learn:

  • The importance of qualifying, and why it is the second most common reason sales don’t close
  • The six questions you must get the answer to before presenting to a client or setting an appointment, including the one almost everyone neglects to ask and leads to the most objections later
  • How to get customers to tell you what they want to buy, so you can cater your presentation to lead them to “Yes!”
  • Why proceeding with a presentation without getting these answers will likely lose you the sale
  • Assignment: Script your own qualifying questions based on the lesson and customized to your product or service
  • CHALLENGE: Share your questions for feedback
  • Certificate of Completion: Successfully pass the quiz to obtain your personalized certificate of completion


  • Take the listening test to see if you’re really a good listener!