The Perfect Pitch

Crafting the Perfect 60 Second PItch

Though short, your 60 second pitch is important. Whether you are introducing yourself before a talk, networking at an event, making a cold call, or pitching to investors, sometimes 60 seconds is all you have to generate enough interest to take the next step in the conversation. A carefully crafted and rehearsed pitch will get you the desired response: “Tell me more!” or rather, “Where have you been all my life?” and have your ideal client drooling over your offer.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • The five step formula to crafting the perfect 60 second, or elevator, pitch to generate more leads.
  • Incorporating emotion and logic in your pitch to create a balance that aligns with the customer’s buying process.
  • When to use your full pitch, and when to use parts of it
  • How to adjust your pitch for various scenarios
  • How to gauge the effectiveness of your pitch
  • Develop the framework for a full length pitch
  • Assignment: Script your 60 second pitch
  • CHALLENGE: Submit your pitch for feedback and see a sample response
  • Certificate of Completion: Successfully pass the quiz to obtain your personalized certificate of completion