Character Study (ICP)

Getting Inside Your Ideal Customer's Head

Actors have to do in-depth character studies before they go on stage to portray a character. A Character Study is my version of an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Knowing your customer better than anyone else will make it easier to market to and attract the right customers. A character study goes way beyond defining a target market. It is about selecting the ideal client for your business and uncovering the emotional and logical reasons they buy so you can sell to them effectively.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • Why this is an often skipped exercise by salespeople but can increase sales dramatically and shorten sales cycles
  • Go through a unique version of this exercise, which involves creating various social media profiles for your ideal client
  • Answer difficult questions about your ideal client so you can understand them better than your competition
  • Identify the emotional and logical reasons your ideal client buys so you can create effective scripts that appeal to your customer’s buying needs
  • Assignment: Download the worksheet to complete your Ideal Customer Profile