Masterclass: Setting Qualified Appointments

Set appointments that are most likely to end in "Yes!"

Many would say that getting appointments is the most difficult part of their business. But we don’t want just any appointment, you want qualified appointments. Qualified appointments are scheduled in a such a way that you are creating an ideal scenario for your client to buy. When done properly, it shortens sales cycles. The goal is to perform a one-call close, or at minimum get a solid commitment to proceed with the next step in the sales process. When you set qualified appointments, you can go into sales presentations that your client is ready to move forward and you’ve already eliminated the major objections that most salespeople wait to overcome after they attempt to close. As a result, your close ratios will increase dramatically and you will have more time to meet with qualified prospects.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • The 8 Steps to an Appointment Qualifying Script
  • What factors deem an appointment qualified
  • Why non-qualified appointments will not close
  • How much is too much to say prior to scheduling an appointment
  • How to overcome common objections to setting an appointment
  • How to insure your clients will keep their appointments
  • How to handle “no shows” so they are more likely to end in a sale
  • How to make sure your clients are excited to meet with you
  • How to avoid “selling” prior to a meeting and why it’s important
  • The 6 questions you must have answered before meeting with a client, whether online or in person
  • Why it’s important to schedule a separate time for a sales meeting, presentation or demo rather than proceed to a presentation right away (even if the customer wants you to!)
  • Assignment: Download the worksheet to complete your appointment setting script.
  • CHALLENGE: Submit your script for feedback and see a sample response. Set 10 appointments with your new script!
  • Certificate of Completion: Successfully complete the quiz to receive your certificate of completion


  • Appointment Setting Flow Chart Cheat Sheet (to keep at your desk)